SIMONE Congress

The SIMONE Congress is Europe’s leading open forum for executives and specialists dealing with pipeline simulation and optimization. It is the prime meeting place for exchanging ideas on innovative applications and developments. The Congress excels by the high standard and topicality of its technical papers and by its tutorials and workshops offering a comprehensive overview of tasks and experience relating to pipeline simulation and optimization.

The Congress takes place every two years in a different country. Organizers are by LIWACOM and SIMONE Research Group.

Main topics are:

  • Capacity CalculationTracking
  • Calorific Values for Energy Billing
  • Real-Time Applications
  • Physics of Pipeline Flow and Compression
  • Transport and Environmental Optimization
  • Optimum Pipeline System Design
  • Leak Detection and Location
  • Planning Models
  • GIS, GMS and SCADA Integration
  • User Interfaces
  • Distribution Systems