Companies at all stages of the natural gas supply chain, industrial gas system operators, consultant engineers and major IT system integrators all rely on LIWACOM products and services.

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Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company providing the transport of natural gas and green gas in the Netherlands and the Northern part of Germany. Our customer is in the process of implementing a SIMONE based real-time simulator for the Dutch network with more than 15,000 km high pressure pipelines, dozens of installations and approximately 1,300 gas receiving stations. The LIWACOM solution will be integrated in Gasunie’s next generation SCADA system.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is the national gas Transmission System Operator in Poland. Its high calorific gas system consists of 9,800 km high pressure pipelines and 14 compressor stations. GAZ-SYSTEM uses SIMONE as a real-time tool supporting national dispatching center, and as an off-line tools to analyze the technical, booked and available capacity. At the 46th PSIG Conference 2015 in New Orleans GAZ-SYSTEM presents a paper about the balancing of the transmission system and contracts in energy units based on simulation results obtained with SIMONE.

GRTgaz is in charge of building, operating and expanding France’s LNG facilities and high-pressure transmission network which covers most of the country. The primary use of SIMONE is providing calorific values for billing purposes at the exit points of this 32,000 km pipeline network.
National Grid

National Grid is the owner and operator of the gas transmission network in Great Britain. The national transmission system (NTS) comprises 7,600 km of high pressure pipelines and 24 compressor stations. In 2009, the customer replaced the legacy network modelling tool with SIMONE. The solution includes offline simulation, assessing future system performance under different development scenarios, as well as real time estimation and look-ahead simulation.
Open Grid Europe

Open Grid Europe is Germany's leading gas transmission company with around 12,000 km high pressure pipelines and 27 compressor stations. Our customer uses SIMONE since almost three decades and has continuously promoted the product development over this long time. Open Grid Europe uses SIMONE in three application domains. The SIMONE on-line application supports the control room engineers with real-time simulation and compressor fuel optimization. For commercial energy billing purposes, SIMONE off-line state estimation and quality tracking calculates the calorific values at the system’s exits. SIMONE off-line steady-state and transient simulation serves system planning and capacity determination.
AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland

AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland  operates long-haul high pressure gas pipeline systems in Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr industrial area that transport oxygen and other technical gases to steel producers, and the chemical and petrochemical industries. Regulations in Germany require the transport pipelines to be equipped with facilities that allow to detect and to locate a pipeline leak during steady, dynamic, and interrupted fluid flow. The customer uses SIMONE Leak Detection and Location for its oxygen and nitrogen pipeline networks. AIR LIQUIDE has conducted blow-out tests under the auspices of the Technical Supervisory Association to verify the proper operation of the LIWACOM software. owns and operates and the high pressure gas transmission network in Denmark. SIMONE real-time simulation supports the customer in operating the gas pipeline system. The simulator provides the properties of the various gas supplies, mainly the calorific value, throughout the transmission network. SIMONE tracks the travel of Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIG) through the pipes. The back-office of uses SIMONE for short-term flow studies and system expansion planning.
China National Offshore Oil Corporation ("CNOOC"), the largest offshore oil & gas producer in China, has acquired SIMONE for carrying out pipeline simulation studies. The sales has been concluded upon CNOOC’s diligent tests of our standard product. The contracted SIMONE package models pipeline flows, pressures and temperatures. It tracks the compositions and parameters of the supplied fluids, as they move and merge in the transmission and distribution networks. The software provides high fidelity and detail in modeling compressor stations that push the flows through the pipelines.
FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Company

FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Company owns and operates the Hungarian high-pressure gas transport grid comprising about 5800 km transmission pipelines, 6 compressor stations and around 400 delivery points.The FGSZ gas control center located in Siófok uses a SIMONE online simulation system to assess the actual system state, simulate look ahead states, and analyze what-if scenarios. In addition, SIMONE installation acts as process simulator for an operator training simulator, supplying substitute “measurements” in reaction to simulated scenarios and operator interventions.
Fluxys Belgium

Fluxys Belgium is the operator of the infrastructure for gas transmission, gas storage, and the receipt terminal of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Belgium. The company has developed its infrastructure into a crossroads of international gas flows for North -West Europe. Fluxys Belgium is an affiliate of Fluxys, a Belgium-based, fully independent gas infrastructure group with assets throughout Europe. Our customer uses the SIMONE package since 1992 for various gas flow simulations, such as preparing the ten years investment plan, or verifying if the given infrastructure can actually handle the booked capacities. At the 12th International SIMONE Congress 2014 in Cascais/Portugal Fluxys presented a paper that describes the calculation of maximum available capacity at interconnection points of the Belgian natural gas network with SIMONE and the in-house developed CASSIS (Capacity Simulation System) application.

Gascade is an Independent Transmission Operator of one of the largest natural gas infrastructures in Germany that links five European countries. Our customer uses the SIMONE simulation package for operations scheduling, and transport and capacity planning.

Gasum is a diverse service provider for energy producers, homes and industries in Finland. The company owns and maintains the Finnish natural gas transmission network. Gasum, including its predecessor company, have been using SIMONE software for system planning purposes long ago since 1991. Recently LIWACOM has implemented SIMONE Real-time Simulation, including Leak Detection and Gas Quality Tracking,  in Gasum’s new SCADA system to support its gas control engineers.

Gaznat supplies and transports high pressure natural gas to Western Switzerland. Liwacom has supplied SIMONE real-time simulation as part of the company’s new SCADA system. The SIMONE software includes the tracking of calorifc values and other gas quality parameters.
Plinovodi d.o.o.

Plinovodi d.o.o. is the transmission system operator for natural gas in Slovenia. The company owns and operates the national transmission network. Our customer uses SIMONE for real-time support in its gas control center, and for off-line business applications, such as evaluating of transmission capacities, expansion planning, and maintenance scheduling.
REN Gasodutos

REN Gasodutos operates the national natural gas transmission system in Portugal. SIMONE software provides real-time simulation support to the REN Gasodutos control room dispatchers, in order to ensure the secure and efficient supervision and control of the pipeline network. Over and above REN Gasodutos conducts hydraulic studies with SIMONE for planning operations, evaluating pipeline capacities, and designing system expansions. SIMONE is in continuous productive use since 2004. LIWACOM provides ongoing software maintenance and support services, thus keeping both the SIMONE application, as well as the SIMONE users always up-to-date. At the 12th International SIMONE Congress 2014 in Cascais/Portugal Mr. Rui Marmota, Head of System Planning, Dispatching and Asset Management, has provided an overview of REN Gasodutos and the use of SIMONE. REN Gasodutos has previously presented the experience with our software in the paper “Hydraulic Model Based Gas Leak Detection and Location” at the 7th  ICT Congress in Korea.
Austrian Gas Grid Management AG (AGGM)

AGGM is an independent system operator of natural gas networks in Austria. Our customer uses SIMONE as an off-line tool for capacity calculations and system planning studies.

Swissgas procures natural gas and supplies it to regional gas distributors in Switzerland. Our customers uses the SIMONE simulation package for capacity calculations and maintenance planning of its pipeline grid.

Thyssengas is an independent natural gas transmission system operator in Germany with 4,200 km high pressure pipelines. Our customer uses SIMONE to determine transport capacities, and to plan system expansions.

“TRANSGAZ” S.A. is the national natural gas transmission operator in Romania. The network comprises more than 13,000 km high pressure pipelines and 5 compressor stations. The new SCADA system for supervising and controlling the entire network includes a SIMONE real-time simulation and leak detection system. LIWACOM has also delivered SIMONE off-line simulators for planning and capacity calculation purposes.